Our Process

The service we provide at OPTO is unlike any other company online, not only do we build you a full functional store, we provide the support needed to run it.

Split into three main teams OPTO's process is very simple:

Stage One - We focus soley on the goals of the client, what kind of niche interests you? What kind of products are you interested in selling? If a customer cannot decide on these steps we lend a helping hand our messenger team get to work on finding products and niches that are currently doing well online. This not only allows you to start the right way it ensures that you wont be going into a niche that you may not enjoy.

Stage Two -  In stage two we focus on the branding and the naming of you store, connecting domains and building logos around your new niche idea, we provide multiple variations of logo designs and colorways for you to pick from for you new store, again if you cannot think of a name and need help we can step in!

Stage Three - This is where the fun begins, we set out to build your new store set with the branding that has been approved from Stage 2. Your new store will be unique to any other, our main focus is to keep the stores looking like professional brands opposed to every other drop shipping store on the market. Once the store is setup and design has been approved we start adding the necessary applications that any successful store needs to make sales!

Stage Four - Stage four is where we add the products, we have a dedicated team here at OPTO that is constantly finding new products, the team runs ads to these products generating a hype on the different social media platforms, the products with the most engagement, likes, comments and shares make it through to our winning product pile. Each new store will be loaded with 30 products that can be either picked by the client or picked form our winning product pile, each product will be niche specific and match the brand.

Stage Five - This is one of the final stages with OPTO, we have various in depth guides that we hand out to every client, each guide will assist you on something new: How to find influencers, How to run Facebook ads, How to collect emails, How to grow your social media, How to find products and much more.

Here at OPTO we pride ourselves in being able to provide a completely unique store creation service, not only do you receive a beautiful brand, a unique store, you receive a lifetime of support from our team at OPTO, we are always on messenger to answer any questions you may have with the business model.

Happy selling.